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The family names of Bedford, Tavistock, Russell and Woburn adorn the handsome squares, reflecting their ownership and development by the Russells, Dukes of Bedford.
The residential Georgian character of the area has long been impaired by the domination of university and museum.  Be thankful for the survival of the characteristic plane trees - as distinctive a London symbol as any.  
Their timber may be of no use in repairing your oak or pine wooden floors - but you have other options when they’re looking shabby and marked...
        Wood floor restoration from a specialist company:
                  Call upon the Bloomsbury Floor Sanding Masters!
    See what we offer you 

Reliable and experienced:
    More than twenty years of restoring floors of every age and condition.
Every kind of wooden floor:
    From solid or engineered boards to parquet blocks.
The complete service:

    repairs to damaged timber
        replacement with matching boards or blocks
             sanding to a smooth finish
                staining for a new look
                      resealing with oil, hardwax or lacquer.

Minimal mess and disruption:                                                      
        with 99% dust free sanding.                                                      

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Professional Floor Sanding and Finishing in Floor Sanding Bloomsbury


The name derives from when the Conqueror gave the borough to his vassal, Baron Blemonde.  Bloomsbury Square of 1660 was the beginnings of the ‘little towne’ noted for its ‘good aire’ according to John Aubrey.  By the 1860s, the squares had become far less fashionable but certainly respectable.

Since 1932, there has been little relief from the presence of the 210 foot tower of London University’s Senate House.  Designed by Charles Holden (responsible for so many simple yet elegant underground stations) this ‘vast whited sepulchre’ (to quote Max Beerbohm) seems to have mellowed into a wan gentleness, particularly on a grey winter’s day.

Yet nostalgic comfort is at hand in one of the most delightful little streets in London.  A coffee in Woburn Walk with its balconies, shop windows and air of Jane Austen is the perfect antidote to the melee swirling a few yards to the west and north.


Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding and Finishing in Floor Sanding Bloomsbury


The three S's of floor sanding

When you're thinking about refinishing your hardwood floors, you'll almost certainly be thinking about the three S's: sanding machines, sandpaper and sanding techniques. By understanding how each of these work in conjunction with the others, you'll achieve a professional finish that will restore your floorboards to their full glory.

Understanding sanding machines

If you're sanding back your floor to the raw wood, you'll need to hire a drum sanding machine. Sheets of sandpaper are mounted on a drum that then rotates parallel to the floor, making scratches in long straight lines. This is the reason that you're advised to sand in the direction of the grain of your floorboards. You'll also need to hire an edging sander that can get right to the edges of the room where the drum sander is too big to reach. These disk-type sanders mount the sandpaper on a rotating disk that makes spiral scratches on the floor, which is why you need to keep the edge sander in constant motion.

Professional Floor Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding BloomsburyWhat does sandpaper do?

Sandpaper gouges off the surface of the wood, leaving scratches on the floor. The size of the scratches is determined by the size of the grit in the sandpaper, with the coarsest grits leaving the most visible marks. However, these grits also strip the finish quickly and effectively which is why they're used to make the first floor sanding pass. These scratches are then eradicated by using finer grades of sandpaper until the scratches left by the last sanding are no longer visible.

Qualified Floor Gap filling, Sanding & Finishing in Floor Sanding BloomsburyFloor sanding techniques for a professional finish

• The first cut must always be done with a coarse or medium grit sandpaper, while the final cut should always be done with a fine grit sandpaper.

• If you use a floor polisher or disk sander, you'll achieve a much finer finish for the final cut.

• If the floor is uneven in any way, make the first cut at a 45-degree angle to the direction of the floorboards.

• When floor sanding parquet flooring, sand one diagonal and then the next before finishing with a final sand at a 45-degree angle to the initial cut.

• Take care to make sure that each subsequent pass after the initial floor sanding is deep enough to remove all visible scratches and work from coarse to fine sandpaper - in this way you'll achieve a professional finish to your wood floors.


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